Agricultural monitoring
Monitoring of intensive and extensive cultures

Using a monitoring system is not the future, it's the present.

Accurate supply of water and nutrients to the plants is essential to achieve savings and to protect the environment.

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Use and benefits
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Decision making

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Accurate input of nutrients to the plant

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Watering optimization

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Soil waste reduction

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Product tracking

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Realtime information about environmental conditions and soil

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Remote updates of agricultural automation devices

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Current and previous seasons data history

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As result...knowledge to take decisions

Nitric acid icon

Nitrate and potassium in soil

Electrical conductivity icon

Electrical conductivity of soil and irrigation water.

Dielectric constant icon

Stem growing

Temperature icon

Temperature and humidity of environment

Dew point icon

Soil temperature and humidity

Sunlight icon

Solar radiation and leaf temperature

Humidity icon

Image capture to follow up the growing of the culture

High tech
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Real time data, access data remotely through any device. Responsive design.

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Analysing system and alerts

Customized alerts via e-mail or SMS

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Automatic watering

Autonomous control of irrigation system to launch waterings or in emergency cases.

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