Exo-Stres Pack

  • GPRSM type datalogger, connected to the platform https://iot.nazaries.cloud.
  • Soil sensor that monitors parameters such as:
    • Soil moisture, in units of fraction of water by volume (wfv or m3m-3), that is, a percentage of water in the soil that is displayed in decimal form.
    • Soil temperature in both Celsius and Fahrenheit in a range of -20ºC to + 65ºC.
    • Soil electrical conductivity, measured in millisiemens per centimeter in a range of 0 to 15 mS / cm. This electrical conductivity is compensated with the temperature of the ground, this range can be extended with specific calibrations.
    • Electrical conductivity of the “water pore”, in this way the EC of the water in the root zone can be obtained after irrigating the soil. This measure depends on the humidity of the soil and the EC of the soil, according to the algorithm used, this EC is also compensated with the temperature.
  • PAR and Global solar radiation sensor.
  • Ambient temperature and humidity sensor (relative)

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Nutritional needs

  • Optimization of the amount of substrata used.
  • Determination of the water needs of the crop.
  • Maintenance of optimal conditions of the crop.

Automatization of processes

  • Activation or deactivation of systems depending on the data.
  • Control of watering and nutrient supply processes

Alerts: Frost and plagues

  • We are warned about abrupt changes in the conditions.
  • Alert about the conditions to prevent plagues.
  • Soil diseases prevention.

Monitorization and control

  • Real-time visualization of the data from anywhere and any device.
  • Historical data logging by date ranges. It can be exported to Excel.

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